Green aventurine

Notice it.

I touch it to my lips. There are more nerve endings there even than the fingertips. The surfaces of these 25 nuggets of green aventurine are so smooth. Wikipedia tells me it is a Quartz- what isn’t?- and that an overabundance of fuchsite may render it opaque. I would not call it translucent, exactly, but the nuggets seem to have a dark core, as light going through the heart of each stone is finally thwarted.

Wash it.

I have been wary of crystal superstitions. Why should washing it have any effect? It cleanses it of stuck energies- but that is to give it power for harm, I have thought. No- the more respect I show it, the more power it has for my good. I take it to my running tap- not having a mountain spring from volcanic rocks easily to hand- and run each nugget in the flowing water.

Hallow it.

I put it on when it came through the post, but only for a moment. I take pleasure in it as jewellery, always nice to treat myself, but these stones have a specific purpose, and creating a ritual to create it as a spiritual being, strong for my good, is important. I have no ideas for my ritual, particularly. I will kneel in my ritual space with it. I set the timer, as usual, for ten minutes. Perhaps that is too short a time, but it prevents me getting bored and stopping even earlier. Actually, ten minutes feels right, the voice saying- if you were really spiritual, you would be doing this for far longer, being genuine and deep, it can’t be real like you do it, I know of old.

I kneel and hold it. I have two words for focussing: Emptiness. Release. First I hold it, cupped in my hands, but then in my right hand, the left above it, channelling Qi. Then I hold it to my third eye chakra. (I am thinking of blogging it, throughout- this is an important part, owning and celebrating my own ritual, making this as so much of my life public.) Then to my throat chakra, my creativity chakra by my navel, and my base chakra. Finally I hold it above my head, in my Soul Star chakra, an energy portal just above my head. I exclaim,

Power protection strength beauty beauty beauty loveliness sweetness delight

The only possible words in that moment. And the timer bleeps. Strange, how often it bleeps just as my ritual finishes.


I am a spiritual healer and intuitive, tightly bound with magic iron, wrought in a curse. And the iron speaks, and tells me that all this has no basis in rationality, and rationality is the only thing which matters, and I must be sensible, and the way to get on is to be a professional in a suit, and amass knowledge, and use that; and this is a good way to be. My bonds are loosening.

I have been so cursed to believe what is so almost valuable and almost true, that I cannot know any different. And I do not know what I want, I cannot know what I want, only what I ought to want, being this rational man.

The bonds have been breaking for a LONG time.

And none of it is true. Of course I know what I want, and do it- for example, getting that scanner. And my inner critic says that does not count, that is silly and childish and self-indulgent– a big boo-word, “self-indulgent”- and shows that I am not focussing on what is important. Ha! But it was Fun.

I have bought a green aventurine necklace because of this post. Having told you of my adventures, I am going to perform a ritual for the matching earrings.


And later, it went.

4 thoughts on “Green aventurine

  1. Looks beautiful. Why such a difference in colours in the two photos? Looks jade/deep turquoise in the second.

    Rituals are good, by which I mean connecting with your inner self and energy is good. Looking forward to seeing the ear-rings.


    • The earrings are here, I was not planning on making my own photo. The colour difference is the lighting, the necklace is lit first by a table lamp, which produces that pool of light on its surface, and second by flash.

      Ritual by connecting with inner self, or energy of the Universe? I believe both.


  2. I love Aventurine, Clare and these are beautiful. My sister owns a bead store in Georgia and she gifted me with a wonderful strand of graduated, handcut Aventurine beads when she visited last year. Together, we strung matching sets of necklaces and earrings. There’s something very special about their feel and energy. And I agree with you about crystal superstitions. I don’t worry about it too much. I just enjoy how they feel. Great post!


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