Moon Goddess

I thought using the London Eye as a halo was pretty cool, actually. I did it a year ago, and it was the most unalloyed Fun I have had with that particular friend. But a photo using the moon as a halo is not remotely grandiose, in fact it is tremendously cool, much better than the London Eye. This is the first photo I have ever taken studies for. I checked a month ago, and found that on the full moon, Sunday 30th September, the moon would rise ten minutes before the sun set.

My new Lumix camera is a point-and-shoot, because that is my standard of photography. It has a 16x optical zoom, the equivalent of 24mm to 384mm. First, I took a picture of the moon, to see what it looked like at maximum zoom. Then, I took a picture of a friend at twenty, 25 and thirty paces, to see how large her head was in the picture. I wanted to go out to the fields around the estate, to have the moon behind our heads, our faces illuminated by the sun, and the edge of the moon visible all around, rather larger than this

At Charney Manor, unfortunately, we were having dinner as the moon rose. Just before dinner, I was rushing about to see if I could see where it was rising, and just after, I was climbing on the wooden fences by the paddock to try to get high enough for it. Actually, a chair sufficed, but by the time I got my friend to take a picture of me it was too dark, and my face is the blackest part. There is also a shake. Oh well. The following day, there was thick cloud cover at sunset, no chance of seeing the moon.

Today I went upstairs to see Jan, and she agreed to have a go. One day after full moon, with moonrise just after sunset, it should work, and there were breaks in the cloud- I was not happy when Jan was not in at sunset.

However, after dark, with a lamp shining on my face, I stood on the stairs up to my flat roof, which doubles as a patio for the flats above, and Tom crouched down by the bins in the yard, taking photos. These two are the best.

I note that at the next full moon, the moon will rise eighteen minutes before sunset, and there will be a second chance. I really want the moon larger than my head. I hope Artemis accepts this as tribute, not blasphemy.

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