I walked from the station to the shopping centre, in the rain, down the drab Midland Road. It is wet and horrible, and the nights are drawing in.


I am warm and dry with coat and umbrella. I enjoy the physical exercise, and the sights. I have in this moment no challenge I find difficult. All is good. I make a conscious choice, and an effort, and the world appears differently to me. I am more present in the present moment, and this is beneficial.

The discipline of seeking to see all the good I may find in any situation, and all the options I have, is behovely. It increases my motivation and my pleasure. Seeing my World as hostile and inimical is self-fulfilling. It helps me to think on how I have feared so much, and how OK I am, now. More than a year after having chosen to be positive rather than negative I am still working through the implications, and making it true for me. My shadow characteristics which I have judged and feared are good. My world is good and beautiful. This is good for me.

Esther and Jerry Hicks go further, the way I “vibrate” attracts the beneficial or inimical to me.

In my seeking the positive, rationally, have I mined all the truth and value out of the “Law of attraction”? If not, what should I do next?

2 thoughts on “Manifesting

  1. Dear Clare

    I am so excited!!! I have been reading Esther and Jerry too, recently, and this morning started at the beginning again of their book, “Learning to Manifest the Law of Attraction”! Coincidence? I don’t think so!

    What should you do next? Just keep doing what you are doing. And say, “Now, I AM having a happy day/ I intend to meet a lovely friend/create a wonderful, fulfilling source of income/rediscover freedom, peace and fulfilment/enjoy happiness. Each new desire expressed, creates more desires and that is what we came here to do! And whenever your vibration is less than lovely, breathe deeply and centre again in what feels like relief. You cannot always do that when looking outward at the sadness and misfortune of others, so go within, to find relaxation, and be there a while. Keep doing that, while asking for what you intend….the process never stops!

    You are having a wonderful day, aren’t you?! Bless you! XXX 🙂


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