The opening lines of an autobiography should set the tone, create a theme elaborated throughout the rest of the book, like Beethoven’s four note motif at the commencement of his Fifth Symphony, or Austen’s deathless Truth Universally Acknowledged.


Our water supply came from a nearby stream, and our sewer was more private, a septic tank and soakaway. Yet I was never a country girl.


Oh, I know. What about a Trans reference? My name is Clare Quintessence Flourish. But I had a different name until I was 35.

Or, Start in the present and work back. I am old, and full of years, and now I see fit at last to share my wisdom with the World. Nice, that. Get them interested with something punchy, let them know they are getting what they need.

Nature is a good thing to bring in. The Hedgehogs hibernate at the foot of my garden, for I am a friend to all living creatures. Outside my gates, the great city throbs and pulses, but inside is an oasis of calm.

Tell them key facts. Few people have faced such great difficulties in life with such grace and finesse as I.

What would be the first one or two sentences of your memoirs?

2 thoughts on “Starting

    • Lovely, Jacqui. Like the song almost says,

      Search for the weirdo inside yourself
      Track down that weirdo with pride
      You gotta hunt down the weirdo inside yourself
      Do not let it run off and hide.

      Go weirdos! Who wants to be normal?


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