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Pangaea physical mapA colleague who tried to convert me told me that Jonah was a historical figure, who had gone to Assyria, via the stomach of a sea creature. A friend told me that in a certain University, there was a fossilised tree which stood vertically through many strata, so that the theory that strata in rock represented millions of years was refuted, but this conclusive evidence was hushed up. But I was not prepared for the insanities of CreationWiki.

The Flood, for example. Before the Flood, the continents were united in Pangaea, which enabled the kangaroos to leave the Ark and migrate to Australia. This does not solve the problem of how Noah got 5490 different species of mammals, leave alone 100,000 different species of spider, onto the ark, and fodder for them. They can explain, however, where all the water came from, and how it covered the Earth: it is ground-water, and all the mountains were flattened. Afterwards, God raised up Mount Everest: the power in earthquakes could raise it in five days. Not, I think, what Isaiah 40:4 had in mind:

Every valley shall be raised up,
every mountain and hill made low;
the rough ground shall become level,
the rugged places a plain.

Methuselah really did live 960 years. One of God’s purposes in causing the Flood was to reduce the lifespan of humanity, though how the flood achieved this is not explained.

Huxley - Mans Place in NatureOoh, ooh, what do they have to say about Evolution? “Evolution is not merely a biological theory of little significance. It is a world view—the world view diametrically opposing the Christian world view. Therefore Christians ignore it or compromise with it at great peril!” Nonsense, I say, the increase of knowledge of the world has no threat for followers of the Way. “That populations change through time is a demonstrable, repeatable, observable fact acknowledged by both creationists and evolutionists. However, the ability of mutations to generate new genetic information is unsubstantiated.” Mmm. “The theory of evolution is a violation of well established scientific and natural laws, such as the law of biogenesis and the second law of thermodynamics.” The Law of Biogenesis states that life comes from life. Well, yes, but Pasteur was refuting Spontaneous generation, the idea that mice came from hay, bees from flowers, or aphids from the dew on plants.

File:Ngc5907 stellar stream.jpgWhy does the Universe look as if it is 13.7 billion years old, when it was created less than ten thousand years ago? Because the speed of light has slowed down, and because, using Relativity theory, the Earth has been travelling fast enough so that time has only gone six thousand years or so on Earth.

Have a look at the article on “Progressive Creationism“. This is the idea that because for God “A thousand years is as a day” the “Days” in Genesis 1 were not 24 hours, but were much longer periods, perhaps even adding up to 4.7 billion years. However, this is not true. The verses reading “The evening and the morning the first day” show that each was a “day” as we would understand it.

In a site so casual about truth, I was still shocked to read that “All Christians agree that the Bible is history, not mythology or allegory”- neatly denying that I am a Christian.

All abortion is “murder or the shedding of innocent blood – an act that is detestable to God.” Ha! Tell that to Mrs Betty Bowers!

Fully-formed galaxies have been found eleven billion light-years away, that is, we see them as they were two billion years after the Big Bang. This is taken as evidence for creationism, because it means galaxies form faster than previously thought.

Creation Wiki does not hold to strict Geocentrism. The Earth is not the centre of the solar system, or the Milky Way, but they believe that the Milky Way is the centre of the Universe. I understand the Universe has no edge, and you could travel in a straight line infinitely- space is curved. They admit that the Earth goes round the Sun, and that it rotates, even though the Bible says “The World is firmly established: it will not be moved” at I Chronicles 16:30, Psalms 93:1 and 96:10.

So, we end with an acceptance that not absolutely all the Bible is literally true. Even they do not believe the World is flat. But if a figurative interpretation of I Chronicles 16:30 is possible, why on Earth not of Genesis chapters 1-10?

Creation science? There is no such thing.

17 thoughts on “Creation Science

    • It is bits of science cobbled together anyhow, and half-understood, in the service of a lie. I understand continental drift was only theorised in the 1960s, and Pangaea from evidence since; but it existed millions of years ago, and scooting the Americas across the world in even decades rather than millions of years- pouring in 77,640,000 cubic miles of Atlantic ocean- would be a lot more miraculous than merely lifting breeding pairs of kangaroos, koalas, possums, opossums, wombats, thylacines, Tasmanian devils, bilbies, bandicoots, dibblers, phascogales, planigales, quolls, kalutas, kowaris, cuscuses, potoroos, woylies, bettongs, pademelons and others- over seven thousand miles of mostly sea.

      And- I hate it for making Christianity into something ridiculous, which my religion is not.


      • I can understand your frustration, Clare. I think for those who try to explain what is actually metaphorical and wonderful mythologies with these “facts” is a form of fear that somehow the Bible might be wrong.


  1. This looked like it must have been fun and frustrating to write…you are working to parse myth from reality…I am curious, have you ever researched the Bahai faith?


    • The Baha’ullah and the Bab
      one pushing a broom, one driving a cab
      Writing scripture ev’ry night
      Hoping at last they’d got it right

      The Baha’ullah and the Bab
      Eating well, and fighting the flab
      Writing scripture all the day
      Thinking they’d got the One True Way

      The Baha’ullah and the Bab
      spreading God’s word with the gift of the Gab
      Writing scripture all the week
      Containing all the truth we seek

      Er, no. Have you?


      • Where did that witty piece come from? That is funny!
        I have friends who are Bahai and while I am not the religious type, I seem to like many of the Bahai people that I meet. I like that they believe that science and religion can be in harmony; I read this on their website “If indeed there is only one truth (reality), it is not possible for something to be scientifically false and religiously true; contradictions are attributed to human fallibility and arrogance.” It seems that Bahais tend to agree with each other more commonly than Christians do, which is what appeals to me about the Bahai. I can’t swallow a religion that claims “only one way” and creates contention amongst its members; I like that the Bahai embrace many ways and create unity in real global sense. That is all that I know.
        The topics you write about are often aligned with what I have read of the Bahai; I was just realizing that when I read this latest post on your blog.
        And, I also like the idea that all Capital M-Messengers of the Big G are not thousands of years ago in history–they can be recent/current; why not? Seems to me that humanity keeps needing repeated divine messages on and on and on….(“pick up your world, pick up your world, pick up your world”, says the Big G over and over until maybe someday…).
        I thought it would be interesting to hear your take on Bahai, also, if you had one.


  2. Too bad, I don’t think I will be of much help on that one especially with the God and spirituality part. As you have seen from a casual visit of my blog, I intend to show there is no God and that man should see himself in all his glory in his achievements, struggles, victories and triumphs. That’s it for me.
    However I will keep visiting and share my thoughts on what you write from time to time.


    • I think “Creation science” dishonours Christianity, so I am all for you saying the Bible accounts could not be literally true. Anyway, the flood legend is a reworking of the Sumerian legend of Ziusudra, which is part of the Gilgamesh cycle, via the Babylonian story of Utnapishtim. I think finding the relationships between the stories, and their morals, more interesting than saying the flood did not happen. Well, the Earth is a globe, of course it could not happen.

      Your comments are always welcome. Disagreement can be interesting.


  3. I think once we can settle that most of the bible stories are myths written by a people in captivity and needing a way to explain or deal with their situations, we can move on and create our own myths if there is need for them that is.

    You are welcome to make comments and visit my blog anytime you get the chance.


    • That is not the case. While Deuteronomy, Samuel and Kings appear to have been written during the Exile, and the first ten chapters of Genesis to be related to Babylonian myths, part of Numbers has been found on a silver bangle dating from the 6th century BC, before the Exile. And there is evidence of a remarkably cohesive community before the apparent time of David, living under an early version of the Torah. The villages have far less defensive structures than would be expected. Cooperation increases wealth.

      I will have a look at your blog. I will probably come up in the spam folder, initially.


  4. I will check the spam folder just in case the filter sees your comment as spam!
    Well, since haven’t gotten to the story of David, in an earlier research I was doing, there is the story that David did not exist and if he did then not as portrayed in Kings so when we get there I think we will have a good time again.


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