Homosexual transsexuals

This is a hard core tranny post. You have been warned.

The term “homosexual transsexual” is used by scientists to refer to a male to female transsexual person who is attracted to men. So it is hate-speech: it refuses to recognise that we male to female transfolk are women. And that is hate-speech: it reserves to the Scientists the right to make the classifications and the judgments, ignoring what we have to say.

To get round that, we coined the words “gynephile” and “androphile” to mean attracted to women and attracted to men without making a statement about the person. This post is about trans women who are attracted to women, or trans men who are attracted to men. Why on Earth would we go ahead with the Op?

I was quite certain that the Op was right for me. I had it after I had been expressing myself female all the time, including at work, for 22 months. When I had it I was quite clear even on the trolley going to theatre that I could change my mind, and I was not going through with this because it was expected of me. And I was quite clear that I would not, that it was the thing I wanted more than anything else.

And after it did not go as well as I had hoped-

So when I read what Zane has to say about operations, about having a pussy even though she is not going to have an operation, having already suffered an intersex person’s forced adjustment to male-

Were they cultural, rather than atavistic, motives, that made me have my penis removed? If I could have been fully accepted as a woman with a penis (or whatever you call it), as myself without an operation, would I have wanted the operation?

That is, can I imagine growing up in a world without “Normal”, without self-consciousness, without Judgment, where people are celebrated for who they are? Then I am quite sure there would be a wide gender spectrum, quite naturally a broad range of gender expression of men and women: there is now. I might be “feminine” with my semen-producing pussy, and it might go better with what people with ovaries usually have.

Well, I am not in that world, and I know I made the right decision at the time. Speculating on whether I would reverse it if I could is meaningless, because that is not a possibility. Were it a possibility I would know whether I was drawn to it. Expressing myself male and using a male name remains a possibility, and I am not drawn to that. Quite the opposite.

Attracted to women and needing to be authentically Me in a relationship, I make love as best I may.

8 thoughts on “Homosexual transsexuals

  1. Being at peace with who you truly are and always have been is the honest way to live…you are a beautiful woman with a strong heart, and you know it! Live your life in peace and happiness; you have arrived! Love & Peace, ~peacemaker 🙂


    • Welcome, Christine. Thank you. It is inspiring to see how straight Christians are making LGBT equality your struggle as well as ours. Peace is the way, for perfect love drives out all fear, and it is fear which makes the oppressors so vocal. God bless you.


      • Thank you, Claire! If I was into labels, I would actually be called bi-sexual, but leaning more toward women. On June 7th, it will be 5 years since my beloved partner of 15 years passed away, and since we never had the opportunity to marry, I pledge to continue to push for those rights for others who still have that chance. It is my memorial pledge to my sweet Mary who was a strong woman who had she lived would be pushing for our rights right by my side. I agree with you, Clare, fear is exactly what makes the oppressors fight so viciously against us, and we must show them that we are a peaceful yet determined Family. God Bless you too, Claire, and thank you for your input! 🙂


  2. Well said!
    Because modern Christianity is written on the foundation of the older teachings vilifying women, it will always have these failings and archane ideals will persist.


    • Thank you.
      Christianity is moving, in places. Lots of churches have female ministers. Some Anglican churches have female bishops. Quakers have gender equality. The progress feels slow, though.


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