Durga II

I have my Durga.

I got the figure in Ganesha, on the South Bank. It is a bronze casting from Bangladesh. The Goddess stands with her foot on the demon’s shoulder. Though he holds his thick, heavy blade ready, he is kneeling, her spear-point at his chest.

I am unclear about the beast: I have seen her riding a tiger or a lion, but this could be a wild boar. I have seen the demon with a cow. So the beast could be his or hers, poised with its tusks against his arm.

Ganesha, the elephant god, is on her lower right, and a god with two weapons on her lower left. She is flanked by two more pacific gods, one with a stringed instrument, one with a large fruit. If you know who those gods might be, I would be very grateful if you would leave a comment explaining.


I have no beliefs about Durga at all, but I know possibilities. One is that she exists in Eternity and also in time as a manifestation of the Feminine Divine, a Being who has taken an interest in humanity, and interacts with us. Another is that she is a personification of aspects of humanity, especially of women, which I may access within myself if I follow the human process of maturing, committed to the truth and to Right.

4 thoughts on “Durga II

  1. Devi Durga symbolises the women power. She is the personification of women’s love and anger. Maa (mother) Durga loves her children (we people) and protects us from the demons or danger (The demon in the sculpture is called Mahishaasur, while the word Mahish comes from Bengali meaning Buffalo and asur is a Sanskrit word meaning demon). Lord Ganesha brings auspiciousness to our lives. The other male depiction is the brother of Lord Ganesha, Kaartikeya (Both of them are sons of Lord Shiva, the God of mortality and destruction, long story). The goddess with stringed intstrument is Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge (she wears a white saari, wife of Lord Brahma, the creator). The next female deity is devi Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth (She sits on a lotus, carries a golden pot from which she showers wealth on us, wife of lord Vishnu, one who fosters life on earth).
    Devi Durga (rides on a lion and has ten arms) was created by the prayers of all the deities from the heaven. Durga is ‘Shakti'(Power). Wonen are considered to be weak, docile and submissive. The imagery of Durga speaks out that if a woman can love give birth then she can destruct too. She isn’t weak, She is the ultimate power. 🙂


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