Thirty of us celebrated: it is ten years since I started to go to work expressing myself female. I had done eighteen months’ preparation after making the decision, it took all my courage, and was the best thing I have ever done.

Because I had people here who did not know each other, I started with a sharing circle. State your name, and something which has delighted you in the last two weeks. Then a second go-round: state your name again, and either your Intention or something you know that no-one else here knows. It worked. People who had not met an hour before were soon chatting animatedly.

My Intent is to get a job.

My main Desire recently has been to achieve control, and being a low-functioning control freak I could only get control over this beautiful space: and I found it delightful that with all these people I had no control at all, not even here.

After eating, we had Entertainments. Then seven people stayed here overnight, and had a relaxed Sunday morning together. I have not celebrated in this way, or hosted anything like it before.

6 thoughts on “Party!

  1. Wonderful to see your party pics – aren’t you beautiful!

    I am very pleased you have fixed your intention. Send it ahead of you, into the future. Plant it there, and with any luck, your life will catch it up. That is the power of choosing, and of deliberate creation. Powerful stuff.

    XXX :-))


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