Like Hayley

-What’s the party for, then?
Ten years since I last pretended to be a man. I pretended to be a man at work, but ten years ago I sorted that out.
-Like Hayley?

Yes, actually. I rarely watch Corrie, but I was aware of Hayley Cropper.

Then J told me if that was what made me happy, that was alright with her, and introduced me to her beautiful cat. He is a Bengal cat, she explained, related to wild cats, which gives him a more striking personality. She had to tempt him out from under the bed, with a cat toy.

It is irritating that they did not get a trans woman to act the character. Nor did the film TransAmerica. And I would rather that people did not feel the need to explain to me that they can accept me as I am, because that implies that it might be doubted- though it was I who brought the subject up. Still, I think Hayley has done a lot for us, and would rather be accepted than gossiped about. J is OK. She is coming to my party.

Party! This evening!

All comments welcome.

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