OM98.1It is not about sex, we assert, when people talk of our “sexual orientation”, but it is. It really is.

Sometimes I wonder why we human beings do not kill each other more, why there are not more incidents like the Somme, or the Rape of Nanking, or the Columbine massacre. It is because of civilisation. Here we are, civilised people together, living in our frontal lobes.

And we are also animals, living in our amygdalae. The amygdala governs the four Fs, which as you know are feeding, fleeing, fighting and reproduction- where we are not civilised. We can make beautiful things with food, and use table manners, and have civilised conversation as we eat- create rituals around eating, but it is a sensual, animal experience, and response to an animal need. Fleeing and fighting, the amygdala takes over. As it does with sex, which we- I mean the species- hedge around with taboos and rules and unspoken understandings and fear, in case the obsession gets too strong, and the need breaks our civilisation.

And my gender identity is deep in my amygdala, primal, atavistic, concerned with me as an animal, as a Eukaryote. So, I can break the taboo of seeking my own castration, and be happier than I had ever been. It is outside and before civilisation, before any conscious desire a primal desire.

And for others, who have expectations of men and of women, then see me- it is about how we relate as humans, as primates, as animals, as sexual beings who may need to fight, some time.

It is all about the sex. Of course it is about the layers we put on top of that, and I could not function as a civilised human being without doing this, and gender expression is a cultural thing- and I am a female animal.

Again, with the search terms. “Trans sex” gets people here. If you want tranny photos, here they are.


We get steadily more civilised. In 1914 Europeans marched to the Somme intending to inflict what we suffered, praying God in aid, knowing that this was the rational continuation of politics by other means, knowing we were Right. And now we have the United Nations and the European Court of Human Rights, and the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, and other ways of reducing the killing. The advance of civilised understanding.

Going along with that is the New Age, accepting ourselves as we really are, Shadow and all, Amygdalae, dung and death, as Spiritual beings, throwing off the Kyriarchy. The “Examined life” becomes as accepting as the life of the peasant, rustically solemn or in rustic laughter. We return to the place where we started, and know it for the first time: to be consciously in the Organismic self.

All comments welcome.

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