Blogging II

I have been posting daily, and I presently intend to stop. I am addicted to this, specifically the statistics, and never satisfied by it.

My purpose so far with blogging has been to practise writing, to create something worthwhile, to entertain, but mostly to explore myself before an audience to produce self-acceptance. I think I have made huge strides with self-acceptance, and I can do self-exploration with other tools.

I can still see value in posting here, especially if I get responses, but not of posting daily. Thank you for reading. I will remain around, and love to respond to comments. And I want more face to face contact, writing here or commenting elsewhere is no substitute really. I have done this mainly for self-acceptance, and I think I can say-

It is alright to be me.

Oops, that is rather solipsistic, should it be “Being human is OK”? Er-

It is alright to be me.

14 thoughts on “Blogging II

  1. I had intended to leave a comment but then I saw the snakes and wanted to get out of here fast as lightning! If you enjoy blogging keep doing it but do it at your own schedule. Once a week, every three days. Whatever makes you happy.


  2. If you’re blogging from your heart, and it certainly seems that you are, then let your heart determine how often you need to write.

    I always appreciate your posts for their honesty and that admirable ability of yours to bravely self-examine. But deeply engaging in life is so important too, so I understand your need for face-to-face. Although if it weren’t for the net we never would have met!

    I look forward to reading your posts whenever the urge to reach out and write takes you.
    Much love ♥ xx


    • Thank you. Coming from someone so heartfelt and sincere, that means a great deal. What has put me off is my own response: mooning around the statistics page. Are people reading? Are they commenting?

      I continue to get ideas. What can the British be proud of? Plucky little Britain in 1940, facing the tyrannies alone (Australia, Canada, the Poles)? Our departed Empire? Cool Britannia? I could turn something out on that. More personally, I really need to go deeper into myself, forge my self-respect- Siegfried with his father’s sword- so will be journalling rather than blogging; and I need to do stuff, rather than hanging around the social networks.


      • I understand completely.

        But maybe ask yourself one thing? Why did you start blogging? You write beautifully, and your thoughts, images and musings are helpful and insightful for many.

        Maybe if you can ignore the stats, and use your blog like a journal you can achieve the outcomes you desire and a whole lot more.

        Much love to you, beautiful soul xx

        Have you ever done an art journal? I think you’d be brilliant at that sort of self-exploration.


        • Teach me to care, and not to care
          Teach me to sit still..

          I have written two posts today, actually, and they will be coming out tomorrow and Saturday. I want to have- genuine fun with this. Ridiculously, I do fake fun- I ought to be enjoying something so I do it. And I have been procrastinating the job applications, investing the energy here rather than in them. Tomorrow’s post goes along with something I think fits blogging beautifully: thinking something through as I write, letting the writing show the increasing understanding. See what you think. So, get rid of the ways blogging is not working for me.

          I started because I committed to being positive rather than negative, and decided it was a Blessing rather than a curse to be transsexual. I realised I was healing, maturing and growing spiritually on 14 February 1999, and now my healing proceeds apace. I may even become sane.


  3. As much as I enjoy numbers and analysis, I can’t think of anyone who’s found happiness or self-acceptance from following statistics. 🙂 Glad you’re following your heart, and that it took you through an exploration of blogging!


    • Thank you, Bob, for reaching my 750th comment on my 250th post.

      It is like you said, step away from the computer. And, having resisted writing a post for a week, I have written a post and started another today. This is not a substitute for- smelling someone, moving together with them, in an office or a shop or a pub- and I want to keep the addiction within bounds, and have the fun of it.


      • LOL! Yes, nothing like smelling someone! 🙂

        And I’m impressed — 250 posts & 750 comments? Wow!! Yeah, I guess you’re due for a break. I’ve really enjoyed your posts and looking forward to continuing to read your posts whenever they appear.

        Incidentally, I’m also impressed that you know when to move forward to other things. I’m very happy for you! I wish you lots more happiness! And lots more self-acceptance too! Ironically, the same things I wish for myself…


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