Chakra reading

You may think you only have seven chakras- or none at all- but according to the Golden Light Project you have thirteen. One runs down your back, from the head to the base of the spine. It is your past life chakra.

I did not complete the GLP in thirteen days this time. I have stopped on the past life chakra, and I review my past life, turning memories positive, or finding something positive in them. Eg: the “write a poem about” question in CSYS English just popped into my mind. I did not really work in my sixth year, I had the Highers, I was wasting time before University. So: opportunities missed, but the World is full of opportunity. And forgiving myself for not working particularly hard then. Strange. I had a wee session with memories, got upset, had a cry- hormones- and afterwards felt relaxed, present and happy. F said, “well it feels good when you stop banging your head against a wall”- but I am not sure it is that. I dare to hope that things are shifting. Or it could just be a temporary effect from crying.

I have spent time giving and receiving spiritual healing. I felt warmth located at my solar plexus, so I opened my eyes, looked down, and that was where A’s hands were. Another sensation which indicates to me that it is at least worth while pursuing this further.

After, she told me what she had seen. I was dancing freely, wearing a beautiful dress with a yellow bodice. She passed me a blue cloak from the Lady, and fastened it about my neck. (We are not talking about the Virgin, here: calling her a virgin is an attempt to distort and limit her.) After, she sought to fill me with white light, but I resisted: I would accept yellow only. In her system, the seven chakras match the colours of the rainbow from the base, so yellow is the solar plexus, which I understand as my Power.

Later S performed healing. My mind flooded with random thoughts: Oh well. That was what happened that time. I would approve of a serene meditative calm, but one cannot always be happy with ones state. After, she reported very strong energy at my solar plexus, again, and in my brow chakra, strong intuition and intellect. She sought to pass some of that energy into my heart, and also over my shoulders and down my back- which is where my past life chakra is. I do not know if S  accepts the past life chakra or not.

I sit lightly with all this. If we share a set of symbols, and spend time together, intuition may pick on individual symbols and bring them to mind when we seek it out. The pronounced feeling of heat is the most interesting symptom for me. These are experiences I find worthwhile.

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