I had only the vaguest idea where Stonehenge was, and did not know my route passed it; but seeing the signs, I had to call in. I would like to Commune with the Stones, but instead got my camera out.

It is hard to commune with the stones, because of the security. Well, it is a World Heritage site, Britain’s most famous stone circle, and I would not want hordes of people approaching it. If you book in advance you can get in for £15. I was fascinated to see the blokes in copes, one white, one yellow. I approached the security guard to ask if I could join in. I am a spiritual syncretist, and could show suitable respect, but it was a baby-naming ceremony.

I think this picture works because of the yellow of the cope matching the hi-vis jacket.

I did get to approach one stone, as a consolation.

12 thoughts on “Stonehenge

  1. Wow, to be that close to Stonehenge and it be closed? I had no idea that area was so commercialized around it that they actually have it fenced off, and open sometimes and closed others! Would never have imagined it was like that. From what I here the energy there is suppose to be amazing, or at least it “was” before they put up a bis ass fence around the place!

    Funny how man so excels at fouling up a ancient thing of beauty and wonder by turning it into a museum attraction…


    • Actually, I am glad that it may be used as a place for ceremonial, and do not think I have a right to barge in on someone’s ceremony. I think the ideal way to appreciate it is as Tess D’Urberville did: but we have cars, and so many people could be passing by and walking through. Perhaps English Heritage is too protective of it. I would not want it damaged, either by concrete paths through it or by soil erosion- it is difficult.

      Then again, there are other stone circles. You have given me an idea.


      • I see what your saying. It was closed for a ceremony and would not want someone barging in on it. I feel a few guards protect the area from would be vandals, and no fence would have been a much less evasive way of going. It would have allowed for more of the natural beauty of the area to be present without the metal fence. A simple sign that says “Ceremony in progress, you can assess Stonehenge at this time” (time when ceremony ends) may be sufficient. But that’s just my opinion. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. I’ve been there several times and pass if every couple of years. Years ago you could walk up into the circle.

    But, whatever they used to symbolise they are stones, just bloody stones.



  3. I would LOVE to go back. I was there in 1998. Perhaps I’m a naive little canuck, but the entireity of Europe seems magical to me, the history and architecture are so beautiful compared to us over here….for the most part anyway.


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