Conscious incompetence III

At midnight on Saturday I was pacing the floor with Dick, wrestling with my situation. I am doing nothing, not working, not looking for work. This is OK now, but not for more than a year from now. I need an income stream, and I want it by the start of the next Mayan Great Age. So. What are the problems? How have I got to this situation?

How have I thought to move on? Feel the old suppressed feelings, mourn the old hurts, pass through these and move on. Having gained great respect for my mother doing as she did with the difficulties she had, doing her utmost best always, now I feel I can mourn for the happy childhood I did not have, and accept that. All this feels good and valuable, but not enough, and while I hope I am healing and growing and becoming capable, I fear that I am just vegetating. With Dick, I enumerated the problems, and the solutions I had found, and these did not seem enough; and I punched a cushion a bit, having got it out to scream into it, but that did not seem particularly useful either. Eventually, needing to go to bed, we just stopped.

The idea came forth the following day. I need to trust myself and the world. I do not trust either. I know, intellectually, that I can trust myself and the world, and now I choose to take that into my heart. I knew, then, how to do this: I will enumerate my good qualities, and the evidence that I have them, and I will think on them. Always I have felt terrified because I am not Perfect, and though my idea of perfect has changed over the years it has always been different from who I am. Now, it seems, I may be good enough.

This is really a conscious incompetence thing, which I could not do without having chosen to be positive rather than negative. It seems everything is coming together.

Also at the HAI weekend, I felt moved to offer spiritual healing, and did what I felt moved to do, offering at the solar plexus chakra, the seat of power. This makes no intellectual sense to me, indeed my inner rationalist could easily produce the arguments to refute it- but it felt real, and right, and my inner rationalist does not feel, itself, any need to produce that refutation. The person felt something.

4 thoughts on “Conscious incompetence III

  1. Rock on, sister!

    A short time back you wrote about placebos and I’ve been chewing on that since. I think if we are convinced of a thing, it helps – whether it is rational or not. This post seems to follow that line of thought.

    Trusting my inner self is listening to God’s voice within and knowing (even when my mind won’t accept it) that all is well.

    I hear you being called as a spiritual healer and I do hope you pursue that path.


  2. You are right, the fear of the fear. That surging sensation, that flush of adrenaline, that fight or flight decision. We have to reassure ourselves during thIs time, that we are obviously ok, we are still here are we not. We made it past the last fear. So let’s just say we have become addicted to the rush that fear creates on a cellular level. So perhaps its a vicous cirlce till we embrace the moment, not let is escalate, feel it and then watch it shrink away. Then let’s just say we are afraid of ‘being’ afraid. And it’s ok.


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