Let’s be friends

After you said that, I cried for three days. You felt the need to check, the following morning, that I had managed to drive home safely. The next month there was the false hope, and the following month the complete humiliation, and I am still crying. How can I “get over” this, either feel all the feelings and so work through them, emerging into some sort of equanimity, or patch myself up and plod grimly on?

I resent greatly that, just as the rest of my baby-making programming has so spectacularly failed, this bonding mechanism, evolved to be so strong, has latched on to the most inappropriate target. Am I now angry with you? I have been- You started it, you approached me! And then I thought, no, it was that activity organised by those people, and I raged at them for a bit…
………………..in my living room…
………………………………………………….this is all in my own head.

And I will go back to that group, and those activities, because I just shut down that in me, all that sex and relationships stuff is for other people, too complicated for me, too threatening to my illusions and my precarious sense of safety. I will go back to that group because this is part of human life which I want to experience, I want to force open in myself, despite my ignorance and fear and sense of inadequacy. It feels like I am fifteen- and that is a good thing, because last June it felt like I was thirteen, as far as this goes.

I will go back to this precisely because this experience has been so painful. To be so tantalised- once going out with you, never kissing!

This is not a love letter. It could hardly be less likely to make you think you had made the wrong decision. Will reminding myself of the impossibility of that help me get over you- or, like comparing your work, travel and social life to mine, just make me feel worse?

Proust’s work has been very useful to me, his anatomising of the illusions and idiocies of Love, the unconscious motivations, the false idea of self, the ridiculous acts. Yes. I never knew you, though I have caught glimpses- worthy of my affections- far out of my league, in fact. I was so frightened of you. We met, and I felt assailed by your questions, poked and prodded and examined and dissected- so that when later, you were playful, I was in all my armour, attempting to impose control on you. Like that was ever going to happen. So short a time together, so deeply unsatisfactory.

Now, I see your good will, and need to be clear in my own mind how it is necessarily limited now that you have “moved on”, how it goes so far and then becomes callousness towards me. That really does not fit my fantasy of you. The illusions hiding that are the ones I really need to strip away. Then there was that incident where, it seemed to me, that man behaved like your servant, and I wondered how that could happen- did your personality just envelop and overwhelm his? As S. said, we are moths to your flame.

There are other fish in the sea, though I have no clue where I might find one. Can I attach the desire to an undefined person, rather than a particular unavailable one? That might be productive. I have no particular need to go to the city. I crave its excitement and liveliness, and thought I would experience that with you- Actually, I may find more real pleasure in the quiet pubs of my own town.

I so Resent that this impossibility, this fleeting glance, should have so much importance for me for so long, tied up as it is with my feelings about my current situation and all my history, how I have got Here. I feel as usual, inadequate and ridiculous. I will work through this. I will.

This experience has been really good for me, I have learned so much. I am delighted to have glimpsed you, you are an example to me. And then I imagine you touching my arm, and my whole body responds, and finding it unreal I am weeping helplessly.


Added. I am in denial, really. Yes, possibly, your decision was based on a series of regrettable miscommunications, but it was made. I remind myself of Bradley Headstone trying to get over this, beating myself up- that is a serious cautionary tale about obsession. I need to remind myself of those parts of reality which do not fit my fantasy.

How I felt later.

6 thoughts on “Let’s be friends

  1. I feel we fall in love with a ‘model of love’ that feels familiar to what we experienced from childhood, of being safe and yet unsafe with our parents, and we are innocents shaped by the childhood experience of conditioning which may have been traumatic but we had no choice. And this is our very first encounter of how adult love relationships work. From the perspective of a child’s view of love, we learn what love is by the way our parents talk and act towards us, towards each other, and the soundtrack of love songs which resonate may also shape ones expectations. Mine were very much shaped by Joni Mitchell – I felt her songs and voice registered that someone out there really understood me when I fell in love with the ‘bad boy’ who was 7 years older than me, and I was completely naive and inexperienced. Of course, my peer group, films and books also shaped my expectations of what love is too… someone gave me Sylvia Plath, the Bell Jar when I was 16… I was a deeply impressionable, vulnerable trusting ex Convent girl.

    Everything you write here is familiar to me… when you start to value yourself without needing the approval of people who have a power over you, and trigger your inner ‘parent to child’ behaviour, you will find relationships which enable you to be in adult, adult relationships. I’m OK, You’re OK by Thomas Harris explains this very well. I first read the book when I was 18 and it is still so relevant and helpful to dip back into.

    I hope you find your feet both firmly back on the ground soon. Giving way to the games our mind plays is painful, exhausting and can be harmful…I hope you find inspiration and the motivation to recognise you have a choice soon. Tears are healing, soothing and cleansing. Don’t let the salt solidify and fix you in the past… Keep flowing and moving. Sending love and light.


    • Mmm. She did have power over me. I will think on that adult to adult relationship- it sounds a nice idea…

      I wrote that a week ago, and cried over it several times, and only in the last week I have begun to gain some distance from it, working through the emotions. I do not want to go near her, though.


  2. yes, I understand that. You are, in your head and heart, still giving all your power to her. When you are stronger you will be better and be able to be in shared space with her. Have you ever read Stendahl’s book on ‘Love’? It is brilliant… go seek it if you haven’t. The sun is shining… hope it fills your opened and broken heart with some warmth and light.


    • “It should be remembered that a person under the stress of strong emotions seldom has time to notice the emotions of whoever is causing them.” “From the moment he falls in love even the wisest man no longer sees anything as it really is.” Mmm. But then, I want to read Proust, and various personal growth books, and more Hafiz…

      This whole blog is about power, and not having it, and why, and seeking it. It was wonderful seeing you last night. The Hockney post is down for a week’s time.


  3. You looked fabulous on Friday night. And, you will use all these painful experiences and awareness of how it is to be human, to great effect when you become a healer.


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