Spiritual Guidance

We left the office and went to the pub. At nine, we were still there, so we went to eat something; and I got home after one, the taxi driver’s fears of my vomiting in his cab not having been realised.

About 2.30 I woke with words going round in my head, and I got up to write them down. I wrote my verse, “In a world of doubt and sorrow”, which is on my Verse page, and the following day I made only a few changes to it. I still quite like it, which is why I have published it here. It just seemed to flow into my head, as if dictated by a muse.

In the Quaker meeting, I have been “Moved to Speak”, and I had the feeling that I wanted to speak without knowing beforehand what I would say: a greater level of trust than sketching out a line of argument and some of the words, even though they seem to come to me and I felt lifted to my feet. The Ministry I offered on that day when I did say something I had not anticipated had the potential to be my deepest and most constructive, and the angry response to it was unquakerly, entirely human and in no sense Spirit led.

So I have an experience, of feeling moved to produce words, which feel as if they come from outside me, though a more rational explanation is that they come from my own unconscious mind or even across the corpus callosum to my dominant hemisphere. It feels to me like a valuable experience. I am open to the possibilities that it is the Movement of the Holy Spirit, or a material, brain-chemical phenomenon. I think one can observe the phenomenon, and know it is valuable, without a precise and accurate understanding of how it works.

Healing work does not just work by placebo, but by this Movement, by some accounted wise. For example, BodyTalk.

This Yes/No communication is also called neuromuscular biofeedback, which is similar to applied kinesiology. By understanding that your body has an inherent knowledge of itself, the BodyTalk Practitioner is able to quickly and easily ask your body what communication circuits have become compromised and in which order these lines of communication need to be re-established for the fastest possible healing process to occur.

Pseudo-scientific gibberish, but what BodyTalk gives as well as the attention of the practitioner is a few minutes of silence, which may let the patient access her own feelings, wisdom, and subconscious. In the silence, seeking inspiration and in a situation where she is told her body will give it, not seeking to argue but only to feel, the patient may learn something which she could not have worked out rationally. Advices and Queries asks bluntly, “What unpalatable truths might you be evading?” You know, even if you refuse to make it conscious.

If I seek to practise healing, I want to be able to convince my inner rationalist that what I am doing has value for the patient. I am strongly altruistic, and benefit to my bank balance is not enough for me. Access to their own wisdom, as well as the placebo effect, may well be sufficient benefit for the patients. Even that work where I seek my own inspiration, and speak as moved to the patient, may be worthwhile. “It is only cold reading”- no, it is cold reading, with all the empathy and perception of a trained human animal.


Quakers began at the start of the Enlightenment, about 1650, and George Fox said “This I knew experimentally”- experientially may be closer to his original meaning now. It is the unity of thought and feeling I seek, valuing both and gaining from both, equally, the right tool for the right job. I do not think it matters whether one calls the source of inspiration Spirit, Muse, or Unconscious; what matters is whether what it produces is useful. It is my experience that it is.

9 thoughts on “Spiritual Guidance

  1. This is very well-written. It’s interesting, and it moves from point to point nicely.

    I also appreciate your approach to New Age remedies. I think that you distill the best from the dross when you write of these.

    Isn’t it strange how poetry comes to us and when?



    • Thank you.

      This could be why Dylan Thomas drank so much. If the inspiration has blocks and inhibitions in us, alcohol removes our inhibitions, and perhaps was the best way he knew to the inspiration. I think a better way is to seek out the blocks, and find ways to let them down, safely. Coax out the inner child to play.


  2. As someone who was raised by a Quaker and have been around people from the friends meeting, even when not attending, most of my life; I resonate with some of this.

    “The Ministry I offered on that day when I did say something I had not anticipated had the potential to be my deepest and most constructive, and the angry response to it was unquakerly, entirely human and in no sense Spirit led.”

    Being moved to speak something so deep is challenging and praise worthy. Quakers can have a hard time hearing things that heart deep, but they need to hear it they need to be exposed to feeling more… in my humble opinion. So keep speaking when you are moved to and impacting those around you!


  3. Lovely post, Clare ~
    I am browsing War of the Worldviews : Science vs. Spirituality by Deepak Chopra & Leonard Mlodinow. Deepak writes that you can’t understand anything about the connection between a piano and how the music that is played on it is made by ‘examining the molecules inside each ivory key under the microscope.’

    I search for the spirit in science and I find it in the enthusiasm of the explorer, the twinkle in the eye while they regale others with tales of their vision/ quest, in the passion of the researcher.

    What I find personally rewarding and healing (astrology) is often greeted by an eyeroll and open disdain, but when I am in the ‘spirit’ of discussing it, the passion and conviction I hold for my study is plainly evident. It can not be proven, but it can be felt.

    I hope by my work, I can help guide others to find what ignites their passion and creative spirit, support them by re-affirming their innate gifts. Place the tools of learning in the clients hands so they may pro-actively engage their own healing.

    Thank you for the inspiring thoughts and yes, I agree with Heather, speak out !
    I too am listening ~


  4. Hi Clare, Thank you for visiting my site and enjoying it. I’m new at blogging, and I’m still working on chronological pages for each manuscript, to be filled in chapter at a time.

    I am enjoying reading of your journey. I recognized the “Presence in the Midst” painting immediately, being a convinced Quaker myself at a young age. Are you part of a certain meeting now? In the past, I have attended meetings in San Jose, California and Gainesville, Florida.

    I appreciate your seeking spirit. Peace and Grace be with you.


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