Keep taking the tablets

Well, I came off the sweeties, then I went back on, because I had been emotional, but because of the risks of cancer and thrombosis I went back on a lower dose. Meanwhile my GP had written to the endocrinologist I saw ten years ago, and she wrote back to say I should stay on them life long because of the risk of osteoporosis.

It is hard to tell from inside, but I think on the lower dose I am more emotional than I was before coming off. So I want to keep taking the tablets to control emotional lability, for the moment. I suppose I could come off gradually, especially with fewer stressors, to avoid more serious risks. I do not know if anyone has quantified the risks, or whether they would be markedly different for a woman who has had a hysterectomy and oopherectomy or for a woman (me) who has had an orchiectomy. Nor do I know what would be an appropriate dose.

I was prescribed the tablets initially as a diagnostic test- will this patient come back? I wanted them to promote breast growth, in combination with epilation and electrolysis to reduce body hair, and to alter the pattern of fat deposits (that works for some people, who get cellulite). Then the dose was tripled to increase breast growth, to little effect, and I have stayed on the tripled dose. I think I would prefer to take nothing and have bone density scans to monitor the risk of osteoporosis, because taking nothing reduces the risk of cancer and thrombosis. I could go back on oestradiol if osteoporosis threatened. Also, I understand that taking oestradiol makes the veins thinner, and deeper in the body. It is nice not to have blue veins visible on the backs of my hands, but I am not sure I want them thinner.

However, I would have still started taking Ovran when I did, for the purposes for which I took it, had I known what I know now.

Being more emotional has helped me to access emotions I have suppressed, and now feel able to release.

All comments welcome.

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