The Road map

When I decided to transition, there was a road map, created by those who had gone before, and the scientists who had studied us, and the lawyers, particularly considering the European Convention of Human Rights. I could transition from male to female.

Now, if anyone with testicles in the UK makes the decision that she is female, and intends to live life long expressing herself as a woman, she is protected from discrimination in employment and the provision of goods and services by the Equality Act 2010. Gender reassignment is one of the protected characteristics under the act, separate from sex. And when I had confirmation in writing from two doctors that I would live life long expressing myself female, and affirmed a statutory declaration to that effect myself before a solicitor, I got my Gender Recognition Certificate, which allowed me to obtain an extract birth certificate showing my sex is female. (Though the original birth record still states that a boy was born to my parents, and gives the name they gave me.)

I almost found this insulting. I could cope with the situation before: I was registered as male at birth because that appeared to be the case on what is normally quite strong evidence, but I had been issued with a passport which stated I was female, and a driving licence which indicated I am female, even before the Gender Recognition Act. (The licence does not say sex:F, but indicates sex in the driver number.) So it was ambiguous, but after my GP confirmed that I intended to live life long female to the passport authority, I got my passport, for all practical purposes I could be treated as female. But after the GRA, there was a Legal Decision that I was female, that is, the Government had arrogated to itself the right to state unequivocally what sex I am. This is because they are still in a fankle about marriage. I am sure that within five years two people will be able to marry whatever sex they are, in church if they wish it and the church consents, but right now everyone needs to be classified male or female so that only classified males can marry classified females.

It makes people feel safer, to imagine that there are only two sexes, and that they can identify to which any individual belongs.

However, I am going beyond that. I have followed the road map, and exchanged male archetypes which I may use as role models for female ones. And now I want to go beyond the road map, for expressions of myself as myself, not limited by cultural expressions, not limited by preconceptions of what it means to be male or female. I have bound myself by my own preconceptions, because I have always wanted to conform and be safe. And now I do not. I want to be me.

Talk to me.

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