Give each other light

Men and women who are married
And men and men who are lovers
And women and women
who give each other

Hafiz, again, by Ladinsky. That wonderful rule of three crescendo to climax. There is sweetness in “married”, it means being one flesh; then “lovers” is more solely Wonderful; but “give each other light” goes so much further, expressing the spiritual aspect of carnal love.

Somewhat dispirited by my debate with one of those Christians who thinks that condemnation of homosexuality is the touchstone of Christianity- if you do not condemn it, you are not a proper Christian- I was delighted to read this. I find myself wondering, what would a literal translation say? Though other cultures do not condemn homosexuality nearly as much as these obsessive Evangelicals do, would Hafiz really have written this? Or would he have had a “spiritual” interpretation, nothing to do with sex at all? Actually, it does not matter. I read the English words now, and delight in them. I give light spiritually at the moment, but it is lovely to think that I am capable of giving light carnally.

2 thoughts on “Give each other light

  1. Again, I want to rush to your side, to reassure you about christians who condemn. Believers in Christ who condemn others? To me that seems such an odd juxtaposition, uncomfortable. I feel that condemnation ( as in,”You are not a true christian unless you believe in hell/sin/etc”) says so much more about the speaker’s insecurities than it does about the person(s) s/he is speaking to/about.

    We do not have to share in the mindset that seeks to condemn. Find one example of christ condemning personal morality..can you? Whereas there are many more examples of the opposite, and at every turn of the page there are written warnings not to condemn or judge others.

    Collecting like minded phobics is neither difficult nor spiritual. It is hard not to condemn, still harder not to judge. To remain serene, that is a worthwhile spiritual path. Blessed are the gentle, the meek and the smiling, for they shall find peace in the smallest miracle. Bless you, Clare, for your determination and compassion.

    Ann xx


    • Thank you.

      I think this needs a full post, but there are words of Jesus which only make sense in the context of complete acceptance of others as they are. Paul says somewhere, “Expel the immoral brother” (Now, why would I not use inclusive language on that one?) but I do not think that is the highest possibility for us.


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