Remember and celebrate

Sunday 20th November is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, remembering more than six hundred people murdered because they were trans, and there will be commemorations all over the World of people murdered because of a random characteristic which I share. I think it important to mourn our dead, including our countless suicides, but I also think it important to celebrate our heroes, people who have transcended the difficulties of being transsexual and given something to the World. Just a few, in no particular order:

Lynn Conway
Adèle Anderson
Dana International

Anna Grodzka
Marci Bowers

I was delighted a few years ago when Fascinating Aida appeared on Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 without the transsexuality being mentioned. Other things were more interesting. It is a sign of acceptance.

Also I remember the courage and strength of our pioneers, such as April Ashley, who is still going strong. I could name my own personal heroes, but some are in stealth, and I do not want to out people.

In one way, it is no more sensible of me to be “proud” of the achievements of these women than of the achievements of, say, left handed people. But I am inspired to see what may be achieved, and how any difficulties arising from transsexuality may be transcended. And I have fellow-feeling with them, as I have with Scots, and pleasure in the value and worth of my kind.

All comments welcome.

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