Radfems and Funfems

Among the blogs, I find earnest rants by self-styled Radical Feminists. They are wrong, and often pitiably enraged, but I am endebted to them for the term Fun feminists (Any self-identified feminist who is not radfem). It is a nice idea.

Radfems believe that all gender differences arise from the culture of patriarchy. Therefore we, harmless, gentle Transfolks are terribly threatening to the poor things. My male upbringing would have given me male privilege, if I could bear to present male. I do not express myself female because I think it is better to be female in general, only better for me because I am female. This proves them wrong: my gender difference is innate, not cultural (though expressed culturally). Patriarchy is a problem, but not in the way they suppose. Our threat to them is far greater than our tiny numbers, only 2605 GRCs issued to August 2011 [4506 to 31 March 2017], would otherwise indicate, only because our very existence invalidates all their theorising. That deep anger at femininity may mask a very feminine shadow-self.

I am quite happy for them to seek equality in work or politics. Their energies are misdirected in seeking to exclude me from women-only spaces. It produces no benefit to them except perhaps an outlet for their anger.

I rather like the idea of fun feminism, having fun and changing the culture by consent rather than a Serious Political Movement which gets nowhere. Being less beautiful than a model, I have a few qualms about a “feminism” which says it is fine to exploit all the advantages arising from physical beauty, as I think feminism should support the interests of all women (ie, me). I have no problems with a feminism which is enthusiastic about heterosexuality (most women are, after all). If you can accept and celebrate yourself, then you are freed to accept and celebrate others.

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