Bad things happen to good people

Things at the moment are not as I might have hoped, and my friend Anne said, things happen which seem bad at the time, and then after you have a good experience, and you realise that that good experience would not have happened but for the experience you called bad. And I find this view ridiculous, repellant, a tempting falsehood.

Good things happen, good things happen all the time. Who is to say that, had I not had this unpleasing experience, I might not have had a string of far more wonderful experiences following on each other? After this experience, I think my situation is worse. So I think Anne’s view is a false way of finding blessing in a bad situation. The bad experience has not caused the good experience, and might have prevented better experiences.

I am all for finding the Blessing in every situation. What I think of as a bad experience may lead me to find strengths within myself which I had not previously called upon, or see opportunities which I would not otherwise have taken. But I do not want to sugar the pill by claiming a blessing where none is. 

Even if every hair on my head is numbered, that does not mean that everything which happens to me is part of a divine plan, blessing, test, correction or encouragement. I think the lesson is, I have been floored before, and have survived it. So I have found a way through, and I hope I may this time too. But, Now, I want to see clearly where I am, and consider my options, not seek out any consolation unless I can clearly and confidently pronounce it to be True.

And then, I read this Hafiz/ Ladinsky poem:

This place where you are right now
God circled on a map for you.

Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can move
Against the earth and sky
The Beloved has bowed there-

Our Beloved has bowed there knowing
you were coming.

4 thoughts on “Bad things happen to good people

  1. Your growth is the growth of the soul through adversity and through joy. The trick is to maintain the same feeling of bliss through every experience. Without the dark how would you appreciate the light? Look back and you may find some of the most appalling things brought by so called friends have, in the long run, been the most beneficial. Blessings and love, David


    • David, I recognise I am in a good place at the moment. I just wish it were good in a different way! What right have I always to expect my circumstances to be as I would wish? I have comforts here, and options. And I am finding it difficult.


  2. Yes good things happen to bad people, and all too often bad things happen to good people. We live in a world that seeks perfection and all too often those who find perfection become vain and less perfect than they were even before they found perfection.


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