Crystal healing

This is my rainbow moonstone. If I meditate over it, channeling spiritual energy through it, I hallow it and it will protect me. And I can take a moment at any time of day consciously to connect with it, giving and receiving energy, to regain my equilibrium. A video would be better than a photograph, showing the interplay of light reflected from the surface and refracted within.

This is my baltic amber. It is a powerful agent for purification, and energies circulate within it before being directed by the silver setting into my heart chakra, whence they radiate through all my chakras, purifying me.

At this my inner rationalist, normally so articulate, just goes, “What?????” Then she starts to mutter about the placebo effect, neuro-linguistic programming and ways of psyching onesself up into confidence. I am not sure she fully understands the spiritual nature of these enabling tools.

My inner child, by contrast, goes, “Yeah, that’s really really nice. Love it. Let’s do it.”

I got the amber at a Designer Outlet (shopping mall for remainder stores) and the moonstone from Booth and Booth. Both sell jewellery on the basis that it is pretty, rather than that it channels energies. Crystal healing is a minority taste, after all, and Cherie Blair was mocked unmercifully for protecting herself with crystals from a guide. However, it was the Moonstone that found me through a series of discoveries and synchronicities, and catalysed my spiritual growth so that I would be able to grow in appreciation of it.

Perhaps it is just a game which appeals to a certain sort of middle aged woman, in need of a bit of stroking and something to boost her confidence. What do you think? Please leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “Crystal healing

  1. Thought I’d pop over and say hi! Then had to comment because my most often worn piece of jewelry is a big, fat, sterling set moonstone I’ve had since college – although I’m not tuned into it on a conscious level. I just love it.


  2. Hi, Clare…you ask, what do I think? Interesting question, which my ego would answer by being as dismissive as possible, “There is no proof that these things work at all!” So, not a question for thought at all. Perhaps feeling gets us closer to the reasons why we do dabble with stones, crystals, healing, angets, guides, etc. The only really valid question is “How does this make you feel?” Better, or worse….These stones are things of beauty. Beauty is a virtue. Virtues work when they console, cheer, uplift and inform. Ann xx


    • Yes, and- I can think about how my feelings move, notice them, intellectually plan things which will make me feel better. If I can tell myself that I love and care for myself, then I can do this for myself as I might for a lover.


  3. Hi Clare– I collect crystals and stones. I find them sometimes comforting, sometimes strengthening. Though there effect is subtle- and may just be my imagination at play– their colours and textures are often soothing — like looking at flowers or watching birds – I find they can bring a momentary grounding- which is sometimes all that is needed.


    • Hello Alison. Welcome, poet. I think you have got something there. A momentary grounding. Take a moment to contemplate something beautiful, still the stressed mind, feel, better- and plunge back in to activity, renewed. Thank you.


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