The Golden Light Project

I am intensely grateful for having taken part in Golden Light Project no. 8, around the September equinox. I saw guided meditations inviting the light of Spirit into the Earth through me, and I thought I can do that, it seems worthwhile to pray with others, just knowing that others are praying too. I was not expecting the bounty I received.

The meditations invite the Light through the thirteen chakras, cleansing and purifying each one. Preparing myself by the ritual of the medicine wheel I brought myself into the space of worship and meditation, where I found senses of purpose and joy. Then on successive days I brought the Light into my connection with my highest self, into those people and situations which have most affected me in the past, into my memories of all that has happened to me, into my vision, intention and intuition, into my truth and creativity, into my place of unconditional love; into my inner child; into the Purpose of my life; into my strong, capable Power; into my creation of myself; into my base chakra, my relationships; and finally into the Earth into my Earth Star, which anchors me in the Earth and is my footprint there. I have seen some more of my potential and moved old patterns, resentments and fears so I am more free.

I loved the strong and gentle voice of Renata Ash leading me through this, and the singing of her partner Steven. TheĀ meditations are also available in German.Ā I intend to be with them in December, at the Solstice, purifying and healing further.

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