Jenny knew what they were- something happens to make you feel better. Steve knew what they were, something happens and you learn something. I had experiences of both kinds, and also, possibly, giving them to someone else: I said something to him, and my nephew, then ten, just stood still, eyes moving from side to side, processing. Wonderful. Adults do not do it so visibly. Or an accidental encounter just might be something good for another person, I hope. And even when things all come together and something happens to make me feel really, really bad- a Dyschronicity- some good has come out of the experience.

A particular experience eighteen months ago made me aware of a certain hurt, and seek healing of it, which opened me to meaning in Chakras- before, chakras, as places in the body or around it, seemed to me so much gibberish. As I move forward with that healing, here is Tim, who leads a meditation in August involving seven chakras, and it has meaning for me. And I become aware of the Golden Light Project, and am enriched by the meditation through thirteen chakras.

It is almost enough to make me believe in a personal deity, Who is guiding me through this world. My inner rationalist comes out at that, and wants to shave the idea away with Occam’s razor. Indeed, it could be merely that all the learning is There, and all I need do is become aware of it.

One thought on “Synchronicities

  1. So glad you found the Golden Light Project Clare, do try and join in again at the next solstice. You are right, its all about recognising that it is already within you and all you have to do is to find it!
    Blessings David


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