When I come across a new bit of New Age stuff, such as, attracting what you want to yourself from the Universe through your vibrations, I set my inner rationalist on it. And in this case, my rationalist says something which my inner toddler translates as, “NAWB alert! NAWB alert!”

But I have other tools. What of the basic Sea of Faith understanding that religion is Metaphor, that even if the doctrine does not literally describe reality it is the product of human experience and may be useful: so to a SoFty, the Resurrection did not happen, but it is True. Then there is de Bono’s idea of a Po, a poetic or provocative utterance: what matters is not whether it is true, but whether it provokes useful thought.

My other tool is to take it a bit at a time. It may not be that by “vibrating” I can attract things I want, but it is possible that by vibrating I may drive them away. How am I vibrating? Can I at least cease driving things away?

A habit which I might reduce is the use of a new concept as a new rod for my back: not vibrating right becomes not vibrating right yet. A habit which I might increase is, taking responsibility. Am I responsible for my life so far? Yes.

4 thoughts on “Vibrating

  1. Oh my, you said it! I had tried the whole attraction and secret thing, and then thought to myself, “WHAT?!?!?!” I was later reminded of the stones song, “You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes well you might find
    You get what you need.”

    I have given up my own wants and desires. (they still come at me of course) But when I am able and blessed with reminders, I take the lords prayer, “thy will be done.” and then I continue on being me. A valuable person in society, a friend, a laborer, an father, and a husband. I do my duty with “want’ instead of “should”.

    Enlightenment is always free. Anyone who charges to help you attain what you desire is a sham.



    • I like the idea of doing duty with want instead of should. I replace ought and should with “it would profit me to” or “it would be good to”. The Stones song most impinged on me through “House MD” which fits this mix of rationalism and seeking the Good Life. So far, I have found that.


  2. Clare, I do believe, because I have seen it, how ghastly life can be when we pull rubbish towards us by being unkind, ungrateful, spoiled, selfish and the rest. All matter coalesces from light, since god in all in all IS LIGHT. Are we magnets? Could be! The earth is, after all, and everything has a magnetic field around it, does it not? We can be what we choose to be, by being what we choose to be…and thus becoming what we choose to be. We talk around and about and to ourselves all the time, and we know how that makes us feel. Is it the bully or the flirt today, for example? That will raise or lower our feelings, is all. Have a great day! Last day of September, Gulp!!


    • I think you are just at the north edge of the hot weather, aren’t you? Here it is gorgeous, and I am off to Kent. I am going to Connect, and to relate, and to see others as they are rather than my constructions or fantasies of them.


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