Mistakes and disorders

My lot are not the only women who get mistaken for men. If you are over 5’6″ or your hip to waist ratio is less than 1.4, it has probably happened to you at least once; but we are the only ones who, when we politely explain there is a mistake, are regularly disbelieved.

Once, oh happy memory, I was reverse-read. There I was in jacket and tie and trench coat, going to the other office. As I left the bus, I sang out “thank you” in a light voice, and the busdriver said “Orright Love” then looked round and said, “Sorry, mate”. I walked off floating on air. And once, when presenting male, I visited a friend, and afterwards her ten year old son asked her, “Was that a woman?”

Today, four women were talking loudly about wigs. This did not necessarily refer to me, but it might have done. My friend thought this showed success: if they comment on your wig, they would comment on your being T if they noticed it. And I do not think it meant they would have noticed it was a wig, but for the fact that they saw me leaving the wig shop. I would rather be able to grow my own hair, but feel less moved to whinge about my wigs than some people whinge about their hair, so am happy enough with wearing wigs. I liked the new one when I put it on, and it’s really growing (!) on me.

I am delighted that the World Professional Association for Transgender Health has decided that gender non-conformity is not a “disorder”. It is just part of the natural diversity of human beings. Their new standards of care are discussed and excerpted here. I have known that I am not mad for years, but I am glad the professionals have at last admitted it.

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