The God Complex

On Saturday, Doctor Who refuted religion. There was a monster like a Minotaur or Nimon (I recognised the reference, I am a mad keen long term fan) which terrified its victims into relying on their Faith. It then took their faith and fed on it, killing them. A gambler had faith in Fortuna, a blogger (not the most flattering portrait) had faith in his conspiracy theories. Amy had faith in The Doctor, so he had to destroy it (“I really am just a mad man in a box”) so that she could stand on her own two feet, like an adult, and the monster, cheated of its prey, died.

And I thought of the poor souls in Zone Six of Shikasta, pointlessly keening,

Save me, God,
Save me, Lord,
I love you,
You love me.
Eye of God,
Watching me,
Pay my fee,
Set me free.

And then they vanish into a whirlpool in the sand.

So. How can I have faith in God, and be an adult? Am I really just being childish, and clinging onto fantasies, avoiding responsibility?

2 thoughts on “The God Complex

  1. Dear Clare, How to have faith in God? Just look around you, at the God in everything. Not the complicated, suburban angst, but the grass, the leaves, the trees, the sense of humour. If god is the all in all, the beginning and the end, the invisible indivisible I AM, there is nothing to worry about. Just keep breathing and have a good day. Ann xx


    • And then there is science. That debunks the need for god. When we ask, why do I need god, I see that we don’t need a being that is beyond all things physical; a sky god.
      I will live happily without faith in a supernatural being and take comfort in diversity, born from evolution, and as we develop (happily ignoring the rest of the animal kingdom for what that is, and using it for Our Own) we may well evolve into a place beyond war, fear, greed…


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