Abundance world

Have you seen people at the all-you-can-eat buffet, piling their plates so high? We take more than we want, more than we need, desperate to acquire and accumulate.

My parents were not particularly well off, and breaking things, or even rough use to wear them out quickly, was a Bad Thing. Though one day I was wrestling with a friend in my room, and I put my foot through the glass panel of my bookshelf. I remember his terror as I went to confess, and then his blank incomprehension as my mother just cleared up the mess and then said no more about it. And my bookshelf still did the job without glass.

It may benefit some people to relax more. To stop the struggle, put their heads up, look round and see what the World really is like. “No-one actually starves” wrote Philip Larkin, and while that is not true it is true enough for most of the English-speaking world, for most of the people who might read this if not all.

What do I Want? I want to know that I am doing something worthwhile. That is very important. I want pleasant company and conversation, I want to be able to go where I want to go, I want a musical instrument to play, and to work on perfecting my performance, when I wish. I want to spend time with beautiful things, but these need not be my own possessions: they can belong to people I meet, or be flowers growing wild.

If I am conscious of climate change and resource depletion and so reduce my use of things out of fear, that is another constraint on me, another pain. But if I can see the abundance and profusion which is all around me, then I will treat it with respect and care.

While nuclear fusion can be achieved, creating the conditions in which it may be achieved uses more energy than the reaction produces. However the BBC reports claims that this may no longer be the case, within two years.

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