One small step

I met a man this Summer who, when obese and very ill, decided to start going to the gym. He realised that he could not make the movements with weights as other people did, so he made the movements without weights at first, for as long as he needed, and now years later is well, and in work again.

A woman criticised herself angrily for the “baby-steps”, the only, small steps she could take to extricate herself from her violent relationship. And yet she took them, and did leave the man.

So I decided to celebrate, rather than denigrate, the steps I actually take. They are my steps, and what I needed to do at the time, and look how far I have come!


Celebration is good generally. The editor of the Evening Standard has said that he made a conscious decision that the stories in his paper should be more celebratory. He lives in the greatest city in the world, and delights in that.

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