I don’t know what I believe in, but I believe in it.

Or, as a friend put it, the fundamental paradox is, There is no God. God exists.

I fought atheism for months, and then about a week after I admitted I was atheist, I went into a church and was brought to my knees by the Holiness of it. Of course it makes no sense, there are synchronicities, but there are unpleasant coincidences as well, and what about all the suffering in the World? Er, dunno.

As I seek to follow my Calling, I do not know whether God is just in the minds and hearts of humanity, or is in everything- the leaf, the rock, the skyscraper- or is Transcendent, whatever that may mean.

When I know I know nothing
God is what I do not know

One thought on “God

  1. From time to time, quite infrequently and for no specific reason doubts about God enter my mind.but they don’t last long . I think of all the wonders in the world and think surely someone must be responsible for all that


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