The Field of Love

The Field of Love, run every year by Tim Broughton who also organises dancing in Norfolk, Suffolk, St Albans and Kew, is highly recommended.

Of the three camps I have attended, this is the one I would be most  likely to attend again, because it seems the most likely to move, delight, inspire and grow me. During morning meditations I have been in Blake’s state- “to see the world in a grain of  sand/ and heaven in a wild flower”. In sharing circles we have held serious conflict, and grown through it. In dance, I have related to others and brought forth new aspects of myself.

£300 for ten days’ camping seemed a bit steep, but there are professional musicians to dance to as well as a reasonable sound system for recorded music, a good site crew doing a fair bit towards the communal cooking and keeping the hot tub and showers hot, and Tim himself organising exercises to enrich and grow spirit and community. We built that community, and I connected with each other person there. My hug bank is full.

And- when the weather is dreich, what better way of keeping warm than dancing in a marquee? A whole week of Dancing- wonderful. My only regret is that I did not take enough beautiful clothes to show off!

One thought on “The Field of Love

  1. I love to dance . In my youth I did ballroom. During my slow metamorphosis I tried to join a local ballroom class but this was closed to me and I decided to try Middle Eastern dance (bellydance). This has become a wonderful activity for me. I love the exotic costuming and the dance is a sinuous, not to say sensuous way to express my femininity.

    You never struck me as an emotionally needy person, quite the reverse, in fact so I am a little surprised that you felt the need to undergo quite so much treatment. I am glad you are so pleased with your outcomes


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